Pepper Mania


So many peppers I don’t know what to do with them.

What an incredible joy — To watch something grow from a fledgling of a plant to a sea of green and white flowers, capable of providing sustenance¬†. Pure, organic, sun-drenched food. Nothing tastes better. Except maybe a juicy, bloody NY strip and a good glass of Syrah.

I’m awaiting a Kindle Touch in the mail. I’ve been looking for a reason to read more. I ain’t readin’ no Murakami though.

What’s worthy of posting on my blog? Why do I even have this thing? Those who know me know what my life is like. Happy. Serene, actually. Quiet. Ugh, except my next door neighbor is using his blower. And now his pressure washer. He spent $40,000 on his landscaping, did you know that? He loves telling us those sort of things.

Oh, happy birthday Finn. You’re 1 year old today. Sweet little bean!

Adopt the pace of nature: Her secret is patience. -Emerson