I can’t believe NASA is shutting down. Americans are no longer the leader in space flight and development. I understand why, I guess. Not enough funding. It’s not like you can just pop… Continue reading

Plant Green Dirt Brown

Gah! Update! Okay. Go. The coffee shop I managed went out of business a few months ago. This is a testament to Upper Lake’s ever-growing rate of unemployment. I don’t know if I… Continue reading

Betsy Walton

Every few weeks, I visit this site and dream of a living room filled with Betsy Walton prints… (this piece is very simple… her prints are copyrighted…) her colors vibrant, her lines thin… Continue reading

Things, things and more things

Dearest friends and loved ones, Oh, I am so happy. So happy about a lot of things happening in life right now. I’m actually happy, that’s pretty incredible. As you may or may… Continue reading


This song feels like home in so many ways. The guitar work reminds me Built to Spill, in a way. Oldie but goodie. Brandon Peck once told me that he didn’t like the… Continue reading

Lyrics with abrasive truths:

Pretty girls, you’re too good for this How you break my heart in this cold waiting room Pretty girls, you’re too good for this Don’t let them tell you you’re nothing Don’t let… Continue reading

I think it’s a bit more than 12, but we’ll start there.

Alright, that’s it. This is going in my “things to paint” queue…

Earlier today NASA released this gorgeous new image of two colliding galaxies that began colliding about 100 million years ago. The imaging data, which were taken between 1999 and 2005, show the Antennae… Continue reading


I first wanted to share with you a quote from Emerson that encapsulates the driving force behind my choice to move to California: “A political victory, a rise in rents, the recovery of… Continue reading

Russians are like comfort food.

Anyang, friends! Got a bit of work done today, although we didn’t get around to washing the dogs. I transplanted two basil plants from pots into the garden, and two baby tomato plants… Continue reading