The Miracle of Curiosity

I actually cried while watching the video of Jet Propulsion engineers celebrating while NASA’s Curiosity landed on Mars. They say it was a flawless landing. I wonder if it’s too late to apply for a job at NASA. Curiosity’s travel time was over 8 months. It travelled 352 million miles. And it landed *flawlessly.* Cheese and crackers. Thank you, nerdy space people, for revitalizing my faith in our somewhat embarrassing species. This kind of stuff just blows my mind. Read this article via Reuters and get your smile on. Though NASA says it may take months to venture towards the nearest geological formation, Curiosity is well equipped with a modern day science lab on its back, which means soil testing, rock gathering, spectacular picture-taking will all happen well before that. And I can’t wait, I just can’t wait to see what’s next.

Despite my natural notion to hate on the human race for all of its destruction and carelessness of our precious planet, I can’t help but feel privileged to be alive in this moment. To all of the employees at NASA, I envy you, and I thank you for your countless hours of hard work and passion for wanting to discover something beyond our tiny little world.