Herbs, Jars, Casinos filled with sad smokers

Hey! All you Stumble people. Or just hip friends of mine that peruse the interwebs! I’m sure you have by now seen this adorable heart-shaped egg project.  Well, Ori thought it was just too sweet to not try, so here are some pictures from our first attempt (which turned out rather successful, minus a bit of impatience on our part while waiting for the egg to hard-boil). It’s easy, fun, and duh, the best part of it all is that you get to eat it afterwards. Oh hey, cute breakfast!

This is the exact moment of the thought, "Wow, this actually works."

Le sigh. I love you, silly man.

Pull-apart Twizzlers and Eggs

So that was fun. If hearts don’t suffice for enough oddly-shaped egg molds, you can find some other shapes and weird shit here. 

Today after breakfast, we hit up a few yard sales a la Lake County style. Most of them were filled with junk (as most yard sales are) but I managed to score a few knick-knacks. Here is one that I am super stoked on. I can’t figure out if I want to use it as a drinking glass (I broke down and bought a dozen Mason jars and now that’s all I drink out of) or if I want it to house my next planting adventure. It’s just so pretty.

My hydrangeas are still in full bloom and each flowering cluster blooms for weeks. It’s amazing! I started collecting Coke bottles recently and here is what sits simply and sweetly on our dining room table:

Here is my Agastache flowering on the back porch in hanging baskets:

And here is some Sweet Alyssum blossoming all over the deck in various pots:

Oh yeah, and my monster Paul Robeson has 13 tomatoes on it so far. I find a new baby one every so often. Here is the biggest boy, not even close to being ripe (it’s an heirloom, dark purple and red):

So there you have it as of this week. Just looking forward to starting a new job, enjoying the sun, and gardening daily. I just picked a bunch of Basil and food processed it with evoo, I stuck it in the freezer for future pesto adventures. I’ve also got chives in the food dehydrator at the moment! If any of you fine people care for dried sage, parsley, catnip in a cute bag, chives or basil, I can whip up a care package anytime.

…and oh yeah. Friday night, Ori and I stopped by a casino for shits and giggles, and Ori won $20 off of the penny slots. Gangster.

Be well everyone,