Frozen Banana Ice Cream

This is a simple, healthy and absolutely delicious way to get your ice cream fix without actually eating fatty ice cream: eat frozen bananas instead! It’s light, cold, refreshing, creamy, tasty, and above all, guilt-free.

You will need a food processor for this jammy jam as well.


You can use either fresh bananas or those sketchy few-day-old ones you bought at the store a week ago and promised yourself that you were going to actually eat….

but didn’t.

First step: Peel the bananas (2 big ones should be sufficient for a single serving, or just peel however many you have lying around!) and cut them in half.

Second step: Put the peeled and cut bananas in a tupperware container (or ziploc baggy if you are short on storage units) and toss it into the freezer.

Third step: Wait until they freeze. Or forget about them and return to this delectable recipe later. I can’t tell you how long it takes for bananas to freeze because, I, personally, just toss whole bananas into the freezer and forget about them. This laziness and non-preparatory act of easy tossing warrants a much more difficult peeling process once the bananas are frozen with the skin on. So do as I say, not as I do: peel those babies before you put them in the freezer!


Don't do what Lauren does.

Step Four: Once your naners are nice and cold and hard as rocks, take them out of the freezer and toss into the food processor. Start with one half, blend a little, then add the other half. One has to work rather quickly on this step because the bananas will actually melt like ice cream if you dawdle. Blend the bananas until ice cream-like consistency!

Step Five: This step is optional. Add a dash of cinnamon, fresh dates, cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, walnuts (or any nuts! Go nuts!) or whatever ice cream goodie chunks you can think of! So far I’ve just added cinnamon and it goes SO well with the banana flavor.

Step Six: Indulge. Go for it. You deserve it. It’s ice cream… made out of frozen bananas…. and it tastes amazing. Go ahead and lick the bowl. You know you want to. I did.

Don't forget to share with your friends. (I guess I had to, considering he introduced me to it and made it for me tonight)