I can’t believe NASA is shutting down. Americans are no longer the leader in space flight and development. I understand why, I guess. Not enough funding. It’s not like you can just pop out into space for a mere 5 bucks. I think it costs something like 205 million per launch. It’s a bummer. NASA is finito?! I’m in such disbelief. Sir Sagan must be rolling over in his grave.

Today, I decided to devote my afternoon to sitting directly next to a fan while watching movies/documentaries on space. My tiny little tribute to NASA. What I’ve discovered (and it’s no new news to the space community) is that meteorites found on Earth were analyzed, and the results show unequivocal evidence that the meteorites were once rocks living on the surface of Mars that became disturbed due to an impact (probably a meteor striking it), had flung off into space, and landed itself in our atmosphere! Um… what?

So here is my attempt at a long shot guess of what happened a bajillion years ago: Mars had life on it. Mars was once like the Earth, with sustainable habitats and water. Through its long and natural evolution as a planet, it eventually became uninhabitable (which I believe the Earth will be, a very long time from now) but before its death, microbes and other singular forms of life became preserved in the rocks and boulders that hung out on the planet’s surface. If you take a look at Mars, it has hundreds of thousands of craters. Okay, so meteors from another planet struck Mars, thus ending its stability to maintain life, the impacts caused rocks on the surface with preserved life in them to bounce off, land on Earth, and boom, there you have life that has traveled from Mars to our planet. We have craters and volcanoes… evidence that meteors have struck our planet. Did they bring life with them? Did Earth’s life begin with our neighboring planet’s rock collection?? Well there are so many holes in that theory. Meteorites bouncing on and off planets… like some big galactic pin ball game. But to imagine, no planet being biologically isolated, and to know that we have evidence of it! So where will the Earth’s life-filled rocks bounce off to?

Rocks found on Earth from Mars

So much has been going on in my life. It’s hard to cram all of the updates in that I want. Tatjana and Josh visited me a few weeks ago and it was so sweet. We hung around mostly and tried to stay off of the radar as much as possible. It was really relaxing and great to see some of my babies from Richmond. Michael Otely will be visiting me through his travels in the middle of July! Who’s next?

The least Herda Hadas in Lake County

Ori and I moved into a house in April. We love love love it. It’s sort of kitschy and retro, so we decided to play up the whole 70’s theme. With my amazing taste in tacky thrift store finds,we scored a lime green couch (in really great condition), two orange chairs (a his and a hers, if you will) , a record player sitting inside of a vintage suitcase, an organ (yes, an organ) in our living room, and all things yellow, green, and orange. More specifically, sunflower yellow, lime green, and burnt orange. It’s perfect. We have a wrap around deck that would make Thoreau himself jealous, and a view of the lake that never gets old. It’s the biggest natural lake in California. We go kayaking or just hop down to the water (living a block away from the water… I swear I’m spoiled) whenever it gets too hot.


Boogeyman is doing great. The little bean is just as cute as ever. Ori has taken quite a liking to him, and gew gew ga ga there’s nothing cuter than a cute boy snuggling with a cute cat. I’ve been letting him play outside lately, but mostly he just sleeps under the hydrangea bushes in my side garden.

My bean bucket.

I’ve been baking and cooking a lot lately — biscuits from scratch, spinach-stuffed Portabellas, curry apple chicken with coconut, and Garbanzo bean snackies.


This recipe for roasted chick peas is so easy:

  • Drain and rinse a can or two of garbanzo beans
  • Dry them thoroughly off with a paper towel and spread them evenly on a cookie baking sheet
  • Bake in the oven at 450 degrees for about 30 minutes (or more… they should start popping like popcorn, and turning sort of brown)
  • Remove from oven and sprinkle salt, pepper, a dash of olive oil, and whatever spices that make your mouth water! Cumin, Cayenne, Curry, Paprika!

They’re like tiny little crunchy snacks, better than potato chips and chocked full of protein for all you non-meat eaters.

To avoid soggy peas, dry roast them, then add oil.

I’ve been painting and doodling lately, although it has been hard to find the time with all of the company we’ve been having. These are some of my works in progress.



I haven’t had much time to dirt bike lately, but it’s become a big hobby of mine as of the past year thanks to Ori. I purchased my first bike back in January. (2004 Yamaha 125 TTR-LE) We ride on small trails in the forest… none of that motocross business. I’d like to try it someday, but Lake county doesn’t make for a good place to find MX tracks. I’m in love with riding that bike. It’s exhilarating and terrifying. You have to be completely aware of everything around you as well as your body and the bike’s capabilities. I can’t ride the day after a night of drinking or if I’m really sleepy. If I’m wonky in any way, my riding suffers. I fall more. But I guess falling isn’t so bad if you learn to do it gracefully. I still don’t know how to do that. I love this sport more than anything and I’m dying to get back out there. It’s just so insanely hot in my area right now, and with a helmet, gloves, goggles, jersey, riding pants, boots, elbow pads, knee pads and a camelbak on, 95 degree weather can be quite debilitating. So. Much. Water.

My stepmom gave birth to Paul Edward Lague Jr. on January 16th, 2011. I visited in March and met my new brother for the very first time. He is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. And he looks like my dad which I find hilarious. I mean, look at him:

Gew! Bundle!!


Life is truly amazing here. I honestly wake up happy every morning. I live in paradise, I have my health, and I have my heart. I’m so filled with love. I feel good in what I do and what I am. I’m learning to embrace it all. All the funnies, the weirds, the laughables and the cry times. The world of information, struggle, complications and enlightenment. And I’m so in love. And he loves me. It’s just him, me, and the cat. And that’s all I need.

Be well,