Plant Green Dirt Brown

Gah! Update! Okay. Go.

The coffee shop I managed went out of business a few months ago. This is a testament to Upper Lake’s ever-growing rate of unemployment. I don’t know if I told you, but I live in the smallest effing town imaginable. Oh, and we have a gas station called The Fast and Easy Mart. Who names these things? The good news is that I managed to stay alive, without the help of California’s unemployment program (thanks, ya bitches) and now, I have a new job at the Blue Wing Saloon. It’s the only moderately classy place to eat in Upper Lake (literally one of the only two). The food is spectacular albeit pricey. Which is good news for me. So come visit me. And tip me generously. So job. Check.

I pretty much live with Ori now. He lives about a mile from my mom’s house, so I can pop down the road to visit mommy dearest whenever I need hugs or a full belly. She’s always willing to provide both. Ori and I have decided to start looking for a house of our own to settle into, as the one we’re in at the moment is his dad’s. I’m itching to paint and craft. I have no room to here.

I’ve been furiously surfing the interwebs for interior design ideas and fun things to doll our first place up with. Shit is overwhelming, let me tell you. I’ve never really had a knack for designing some color schemed-ikea-retro-yet-modern house… mostly because my experience with housing has been limited to Fan district apartments and slumlords. I never found the reason to spend time and money on places that weren’t mine. Now that I’m able to feel attached to whatever place we live in, I am really, really excited about fixing it up and making it our home sweet home.

Other than that, things are pretty simple out here still. It’s cold and rainy and it doesn’t plan on letting up until next year. Ori and I are going to San Francisco for Christmas — just the two of us . It’ll be the first year I haven’t spend Christmas with family. It’s his present to me. A trip to SF and shopping. I got rid of all my clothes when I moved out West and I need clothes. Badly. He already got his presents because I couldn’t wait to give them to him. I’m terrible.

If you like really really good, reasonably priced beef jerky:

(I got this for Ori and my dad!)

One thing I’m saving up for is a quad. A four-wheeler. The Mendocino National Forest has atv/dirtbike trails everywhere. Ori already has a dirtbike and I get insanely jealous when he sends me pictures from the mountains. So I decided, yes I’m getting a big toy.

Life is great here and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. Except maybe to travel in Europe. I feel content and grateful and humble. I feel at peace. I hope you strive towards betterness (yes I know that isn’t a word) in your life.

Here are some fun things I found on and

I'm stealing this idea

...and this too

...while wearing this...


Makes me want to travel

Sew Cool

Candle Spools!

I'm also stealing this idea too.

GIMME. If only I knew how to make this.

Merry Christmas, y’all!