Russians are like comfort food.

Anyang, friends!

Got a bit of work done today, although we didn’t get around to washing the dogs. I transplanted two basil plants from pots into the garden, and two baby tomato plants as well. We’ll see if they survive. I’m pretty new to this green thumb stuff. The only plant I was ever in charge of caring for was a hydrangea bush, given to me for an anniversary present from a boyfriend years ago. I left it outside on the porch the very first night I got it, and woke up to find it…dead.

I also started some wheatgrass, chamomile, and cilantro. The size of the chamomile seeds are smaller than a flea, so we’ll see if I even planted anything other than a bunch of air.

Boogeyman is being a huge wimp, and has resorted to hiding behind/in boxes. There are two cats in the house already, and both of them are fat old farts. Woogles, you disappoint me.

Tomorrow, we are going up to Fort Bragg to visit my aunt and my very tiny, very brand new cousin, Bae! He was born a few days ago!

Ok, boring post, I’m done with you.

Night-O world!